Eishöhle Tourist Trip

Wed 22 Aug 2012
Jenny Black

[Accompanied by non-expo Terry Betts (Olly's father) & Annette.]

Walked down from our bivi to meet the others at the Stogerweg junction. Walked (slowly) to Eishöhle. It was very hot and took hours, eventually got to the Ice Tunnel entrance which had less ice than Olly remembered. The bolts were almost out of reach! All got down and admired the ice.

On the way back removed the deviation hangs from the old 40A bivi. It took a long time, and we got back to the car as it got dark. Stuart kindly took Terry + Annette back to basecamp, while we walked back to our bivi. Got caught in a big thunderstorm - hail stones nearly 1 cm Ø - fortunately we had helmets on!

T/U: 2hrs

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