Thu 09 Aug 2012
Serena Povia

T/U: 6 hrs

We faffed an unspeakably long time until we finally reached 258 entrance some time after 2 pm. The rigging was deemed not to be up to the exacting CUCC standards (and my lack of height). So Frank spent about 2 hours with the aim of making it idiot proof. SUCCESS! Frank showed me around until we reached Stirfish junction. We turned back and then it was my time to navigate out. SUCCESS. All in all a lovely day =) New Rigging Topo for Fat Cat (2012-08-08)

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    2012#05 ['notes1', 'plan']
    2012#10 ['plan1', 'notes1', 'notes2']
    2012#22 ['traverse-sketch-elev', 'traverse', 'temp', 'traverse-sketch-0', 'traverse']
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    204 - Cirque de Soleil

    83 - original route