161 - Nostalgia Trip to Satan's Sitting Room

Wed 29 Jul 2009
Julian Todd

After not getting woken up with a mug of tea in bed, Julian disobyed orders and went to 161 to check out the ??? of surveys being transcribed into tunnel from original 1990s notes. Walk to G harder with pack on. Pitch down easy. Crappy crawling to 5-ways, then investigated multiple routes to F-entrance that would avoid bounce rift. Loads of QMs on theis route no one is interested in. Last 50m at entrance extremely crap and shingly. Then went back and found completely loopy route too flat out and dirty. Pothole passage is easier. Chamber with Between the Thighs needs looking at again to work out how the bridge bit figures in drawing. Before Steve fell asleep, we moved on to Knossos, got lost in Tower Blocks, worked way through ancient history - Yapate. Did the Stranges. Repton drawing not as bad as expected. Corrected some lines on the map (need an area fill to represent flat out crawl). Found a carbide pig in Pipeless (no one seems surprised this has pasted for 15 years without any moisture ingress to gassify and blow off the snoopy loop seals), which Steve carted out. Met the others at the Bridge before Satan's Sitting Room, took photos, got behind Anthony's party, verified Lead Mine was still there, didn't find way in Endless, got out pretty slowly to sunset at F.

T/U 8hrs

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