Mon 04 Aug 2008

Rigged pitch leading off monster[?] boulder in chamber with mud side (crapsides). Lobbed rocks into rattling rift beyond - clear draught and several seconds rattle into [can't read] rift. [Frank continues...] Enthusiasm for caving 6/10. weather too good for caving. Intended to be quick pootle into tunnocks, got to end in good time. Intestines good choke [can't read] needs a spade but good choke feels as if it might go... might give it a few hours. Back to crosswords - interesting belay of boulder down to floor of small rift [chamber?]. Later Steve found edge of floor to be supported by 2" of rock - nice. Decided to drop shaft via hole in end of rift. Decided to head back and look at pitch tomorrow - pitch off boulder needs at least one bolt. Suitable name - cropscicle.