The Van limps to Austria

Fri 18 Jul 2008

Iceman, Maverick, Goose, Jester and Juicebomb drove Tony's car and Natalie's van in convoy across Europe, a highly efficient military style operation using walkie-talkies to juggle drivers. 2am; We jump start the van. The headlights had been getting dim and it wouldn't start at the service station. Natalie's spare battery was flat! 6am: We jump start the van. This time after pushing it backwards out of a petrol station. Hmm, why does the speedometer stop working when you press the brake pedal? 2pm: We jump start the van. Speedo now oscillates when we indicate! Lights and wipers no longer work and its raining! Luckily, car mechanic Djuke spots the alternator cable hanging loose - hooray, its fixed! The rest of the journey: roads now filled choc-a-bloc with Dutch caravans.