Sketching + Packing

Fri 17 Aug 2007

I started drawing up surveys at 7am. Around 10 people were starting to emerge after last nights deep fat fried glove extravaganza. The conversation idly turned to ferry times as Tony et al set off home. Dunks decided when on the 19th his ferry went and came back and asked the date. "The 17th". "My ferry leaves in 12 hours." "The 19th is when I fly to China." Fine-honed expo machine spluttered into action and within the hour the wheels were on the trailer, it was filled with rope and the tarps strapped on, Martin had been working from his hung-over lie in, their gear was packed up, they'd been fed a cooked breakfast, sandwiches packed and they were on the road... With a good chance of making the ferry. After this firestorm we slumped for a while then started cleaning and I sketched until 3am, by which time I only had Pete for company who was on a one bender trying to beat Nial's beer tally. The last bits of plan for maximum pleasure were a bit ropey but I got there in the end ready for a 7.30 start to catch our train to Italy.