204 - Razordance Finish derigging

Fri 03 Aug 2007
Becka Lawson

Down 10am. Wookey + I fetched the tackle sack of rope from Mystery Wind + derigged the two pitches. By the time we were back at the bottom of Kiwi Suit Andrew had unbagged all the rope and done paella number one (and two) up the first pitch by himself... at which point we were committed... to 9 more paella stacks until the last one emerged onto the slabs outside of Top Camp. Ollie came along to help when we were on the big pitch below Wolpertinger Way, which made life easier (down to only one tackle bag each) and on the final pull we had an excellent surface support party of Aaron, Richard, John + Jon to do all the hard work. Rope dried overnight, coiled the next day so all the RD derigged in 2.5 trips - not bad.

T/U Wookey, Andrew + Becka: 11 hrs

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