Surface Prospecting - Useful Walkies

Thu 19 Jul 2007

Thought I'd make myself useful by re-tagging and photoing some entrances. First stop was Skinny Festerers, which has now been tagged with its kataster number 244. We also photoed the entrance. Would make a reasonable shitting grike for those who don't mind a slightly longer walk.

Further down the backside of the Hinter we GPSed a small hole at the foot of a cliff. Body-sized entrance led to a small chamber with a too-tight rift and a choked shaft. Not long enough to be a proper cave. Possibility that this is something previously noted by Dunks. Yep. GPS confirms that we re-found 2002-x09.

Getting a bit out of sequence here, forgot to say that we tried and failed to find 247, had a hunt where the GPS said it was but no luck. Will study the entrance photo and try again.

Found and photoed 2003-01, which doesn't seem to have been allocated a kataster number yet, not sure why. 248 has now been tagged as such and photoed. Wen to Rock'n'Roll Hoehle and photoed the entrance. Found a tagged marked 2001-04B, not 239. No knowing that the A and B entrances are in the same shakehole we assumed that the nearest large hole was 239A. In fact this is probably 2003-X16, Earl and Becka's cave 7.

Went and hid in the shade of the bridge for a bit then walked to 242 and took pics. Anthony set off in search of a hole near 204D that needed re-tagging then changed his mind. On the way down the hill he put the correct tag on Artischokenhoehle. All photos (with notes) on computer under photos/Julia.