204 - Continuation of Razordance rig

Sun 15 Jul 2007

Headed in with 2 smallish bags of rope. Met Dour and MSD at God Loves A Drunk, where we heard the grim tales of Mark's loose bowels and Dour's missing hiltis which I had picked up at Kiwi Suit (thanks to Sarah for spotting the pot lying on a rock).

We decided to ditch the 94m pushing rope and continue in with the drill and rope for known pitches. This was a lovely idea but forgot to take into account the bag of rope sitting at Yeast pitch.

Some shuttling of stuff through the rift soon saw the pitches rigged as far as Pepper Pot. Here we managed to totally miss Paster of Muppets pitch and rig the traverse with that rope instead.

Andreas did the drilling to improve the traverse at the 2004 limit. As luck would have it we got as far as the pitch and the drill completely ran out of juice so we headed out.