Surface wanders

Fri 28 Jul 2006
Phil Underwood

Went to 2002-05 (a free-climable 3m pit, with about 6m of meandering canyon, stopped by too many rocks). Photos taken, survey done, tag placed.

Went to 2002-06 (a 3-4m shaft about 10m from the above). Survey done, photos taken, tag placed.

Then back to bivvy for soup.

Next we went over the back of the bivvy in search of 2005-08. Unfortunately the snow plug looks a bit high and the rift looked a bit awkward. 30m downslope of this is a set of 2 shafts ~5m deep, not free-climbable, but have a 45 degree passage angling down from them. No noticeable draught, but the shafts are fairly large. Placed a bolt, intending to go down, but a big black cloud full of rain and thunder and lightning told us not too. And so we ran away. Cave is tagged on Dave's GPS as p06-07. Tentative name - Infrared Spectrometer.

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