204 - 204

Fri 28 Jul 2006
Pete Harley

After surveying a random side passage of Treeumphent as a surveying lesson under the tutorage of Dave (cleaning up leads 16-22 inc) we moved onto looking at Sucker. Pete was in a feretting mood and the following was concluded: fereting is not that much fun. Also 01-26C goes 6.5m straight ahead to a dig. 01-28X and 01-27X are one and the same - 28X was climbed and joins at a higher level. 01-31C and 30C are bloody tight and unlikely to proceed far beyond visible range without stopping to undress! Pete also crawled down 01-54C and the way is semi-blocked by a small rock bridge (i.e. it is probably physically possible to get past but you wont find me doing it!).



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