Loser Plateau - 76 carry

Thu 20 Jul 2006
Jenny Black

Decided to drive up the the night before + sleep in the car at the Bergresteraunt carpark in order to get an early start before it got to hot. Met some very friendly German cavers in the carpark -> their area is a 5-6hr walk away past Apelhaus. Swapped email addresses and websites.

Walked up to bivi and set lots of things up: water tarp, other tarp, tent etc. Took photos of 97 and 148 cos they didn't have any photos yet. Waited till it was less hot to walk back. Got distracted by a "new" cave -> marked by a cairn, but no evidence of exploration (the cairn may just be marking the path). this will be 2006-70 it is a crawling/stooping horizontal entrance that draughts out. After ~10m there is a restricted pitch head that appears to open out into a ~5m pitch. Currently un-descended, but seems to land on a snow/rocky slope. Having been distracted by this cave, we got back to the car too late to do another carry back up, so slept in the car again.

GPS for 2006-70:

Also surveyed the bivi cave 2004-01

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