Loser Plateau - Surface Documentation Work

Tue 09 Aug 2005
Phil Underwood

Having decided that I would have a slack day, I got "persuaded" into finding + tagging some caves. We originally set off for 2002-X11, so we set off from 204 on a NE bearing and walked for a bit. Stopping to check on GPS, we found that our target was a long way away across a big valley of bunde + choss. So we re-aimed for 2002-X18. This also seemed to be across a big valley full of bunde + choss. So we compromised and went for 2002-X14.

Elevation for 2005-05 / 2002-X14

2002-X14 (2005-05) Big hole in a cliff. Has been photoed and drawn up by Pete - two routes, which both lead to pitches (probably the same pitch). Due to tagging cock-up tagged as 2005-05.

Plan - Grade 0-1 for 2005-05 / 2002-X14

2002-X13 (2005-06) Found by Dave's GPS. Tag placed. Looks like it goes down a bit. Needs a ladder / rope. Photos taken - tagged.

2002-X12 (2005-07) Found by Dave's GPS. Explored by Pete to Conclusion - Does Not Go. Survey to go on computer. Photos taken. Tagged.

2002-X11 (2005-08) Found by Dave's GPS. ~8m dia shaft, with another shaft adjacent. Looks about 15m deep. Bottom has snow plug, and looks typically chossy. However, rift visible in North end of rift [sic]- could go. Could do with visiting. Tagged, photoed.
T/U: bog all - Phil. 30mins - Pete.

And now it's time for bed. Goodnight. Hugs + kisses, Phil

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