204 - Hanging Onto Faith (again)

Tue 09 Aug 2005
Becka Lawson

Back to Faith Traverse with the original 48m rope and a 62m rope, determined to finish it. Andrew handbolted his way down the lovely but sloping shaft which would be ideal drill territory. He kept warm putting in spits in acrobatic places while I froze at the top. Eventually I went down as he said he was at a ledge. After an SRT obstacle course (free hanging rebelays, deviations way out there on the far wall and a knot pass) I got to a small slopy cleft in the shaft + stuck in a spit to keep warm. Andrew rigged the last hang only to find - we'd sodding run out of rope again. Andrew suggested prusiking up, then surveying back down again but that seemed daft so we left it rigged + went home.

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