234 - Horizontal Stuff, Pie Series, Hauchhöhle

Tue 09 Aug 2005
Phil Underwood

Enticed by tales of easy caving **with no tight bits**, I decided to join Dave on a "quick" bimble down Hauchhöhle. Some four hours later on, I was crawling backwards through a muddy wallow. How? - read on, dear reader.

Following a protracted faffing session by the Underpants, we finally arrived at the entrance to find our Hero sweating buckets, wheezing, and not having an inhaler. So a return to the bivvy (in oversuit, neofleece + black ninja fleece) to collect inhaler. Subtrackt 2 litres of sweat to find a faintly crap Phil, who found *abseiling* a bit hard work. Carried two loose + heavy dangly bags through the awkward hading rift "Oh, yeah, I'd forgotten about that" and through Tacklesack Fucking Blues "I'd forgotten about that bit as well". Went down the pitch series p, and reached the handline. Went off to the left, to find a medium sized chamber. Collapsed into gibbering heap, whilst Dave went off in search of the mythical "6-second drop". Drank some water. Felt a bit better when Dave came back. Felt worse when he said "We've got a lot of surveying to do". Dave had found a going horizontal lead. Knob.

Actually not too grim, except for the muddy wallow bit. Very rough sketch below. No really, it's very rough. Gösser's great. Surveyed the wiggly passage - now Pi R Squared, or possibly Pie Arse Scared. Then we surveyed out to the known bits of survey. Never did find that 6-second drop.


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