Loser Plateau - Surface documentation work

Mon 01 Aug 2005
Dave Loeffler

In the course of a long and inordinately tiring surface walk, visited the following caves:

  • 207 + 208: Both already tagged; took photos.
  • 159: ditto.
  • 145: Photoed main + b entrances. Took a photo of what we think is 145c, but didn't tag it as we weren't sure.
  • 156: already tagged, so took photo.
  • 1997-07: took photo.
  • 209: found it was not tagged, contrary to what the list said, so added a tag and took a photo.
  • 136: sorted out by decree the confusion over which of b, c + d entrances is which, and took photos of them.

  • [Sketch of entrances, labelled]
  • 135: tagged
  • 225: tagged, GPSsed and photoed. GPS 35931 82452 1738m (dataset coords).
  • 96WK12: added a tag "2005-89" and took GPS fix: 35694 82252 1694m.

All the above numbers are from Wook's Garmin GPS12, which was persuaded to produce dataset coordinates with the following settings: Position Format: User Grid; Longitude Origin: 13° 20' E; Scale 1.0; False Easting 0; False Northing 4800000; Austrian datum.

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