Loser Plateau - Surface work near Brave New World

Tue 26 Jul 2005
Dave Loeffler

Finally woke up at 11.30, having walked up the previous evening in the last of the light, and found myself being talked into looking for caves in the vicinity of No Ways Aven in 76. [Footnote in Jenny's writing: Well if you had woken up earlier we could have all gone caving.]

Slightly to the south of the GPSsed point, near the path from Top Camp to 76, we found 2005-92, a narrow shaft with a strong draught; Jenny descended and reported that it choked.

Not far from here was 2005-93. This had a rusty but usable spit, but no evidence of a number or other marking. I abseiled in to a snow plug; a slot down one side required caving gear, so Jenny had a look, but it was too tight.

2005-94 is a small shaft, descended by Jenny to an impassably tight rift.

2005-95 is a somewhat larger cave with three interconnecting surface shaft to a snow plug; there may be a way on under the snow but it could not be reached with the present snow levels.

2005-96 is somewhat to the north of the others, the other side of the bunde clump which marked our best guess at the position of No Ways Aven. It is a narrow (~1.5m dia) tubular surface shaft to a pebble + snow choke.

In the last of the light, surface surveyed to 104.

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