76 - 76

Sat 17 Jul 2004

Back down 76 again, this time it's my turn to bolt. I get down to the bolts Olly put in yesterday (after adding a spit for a deviation on the way down to stop the rope cutting through the big snow plug), and spend quite a while swinging around trying to work out what is attached to what (tacklesack, hangers, deviation...). Eventually I sorted it all out and follow Olly's advice to rig the deviation as a rebelay temporarily to enable me to swing onto the ledge more easily. The rebelay was all exciting and wide and free-hanging, but I managed to cope, then just as I start to swing I noticed the rope would rub, so had to go back up, pass the rebelay, add an extra maillon, pass the rebelay and start swinging.

I landed on the ledge and did some gardening of rocks, which boomed lots and made the ledge feel really rather exposed. Olly was complaining about the cold so I put in a bolt rather too quickly and he came down to the ledge. Olly took over the bolting so he could warm up, and started a traverse along from the ledge, passing a small lead up a tube on the left. Down and across a bit I think (I couldn't really see from where I was). After warming up outside + drinking some hot chocolate, we returned to survey from the A entrance to the pitches (draft bitter). Then returned to BC, racing darkness + an electrical storm.