Loser Plateau - Set up

Tue 13 Jul 2004

Carried up our final load to TC, noticed that the tent had lots of big puddles. Perhaps optimistically, I assumed it had come into the tent whilst we erected it in the hail storm, so I bailed out the water + we set off for 76, armed with a GPS. We got to near the GPS point and wandered around and found 97 which still had paint marking it. This gave us an idea of where 76 was which we then found. About 50m from 76, towards the ridge, was a very very good potential bivvy site – a big arched entrance maybe 15m across and 1.5m high with a snow patch and a skylight. Probably room for ~6 people without too much rock moving + more people with more work, quite sheltered as well as it opens out into a small sheltered valley (with room for a small tent). We walked back to TC laying cairns as we went.