Loser Plateau - Surface work near Eishöhle

Fri 16 Aug 2002
Olly Betts

Walk up from car park to Appelhaus junction with Mark. He heads to 204 to collect gear while I head to Eishöhle area. Fettle bivvy tarp back up (it blew down in the bad weather) the over to meet Mark and Steve, doing some tagging of 2001-XX caves. Tagged "Bootlace" (2001-11) and decided that in fact it's free-climbable. Descended. Doesn't go.

Next up to Big Job (2001-10). Tagged. Had another look, but had not light so couldn't reach a better conclusion than last year.

On to Funkberaterschacht (2001-09). Tagged.

On to "3-entrance choke". Attached two tags left before (ran out of bolts!) Then over to meet Mark and Steve. Got back to Bivvy in deepening twilight.

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    2002#15 Razor Dance 2 ['notes']
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    Loser Plateau - Surface work near Eishöhle