204 - 204

Sat 10 Aug 2002

Date is actually ??/08/2002

Duncan and Ben proceeded to the top of Kiwi Suit pitches and rerigged them placing several bolts. Carried on down Razor Dance and noted mud on the walls from trip 2 years ago - no major flooding then. Rigged handline climb and placed 2 bolts. We then continued to the undescended pitch found 2 years ago. Traversed out above the pitch head and gained a free hang (approx 15m) well away from the water (3 bolts used), massive hanging "plate" of rock above the pitch head. We then surveyed down the pitch and into the continuing streamway at the bottom. Below the pitch the streamway gets distinctly easier, and continues for about 50m until a climb down (5m) reaches the head of another pitch visible beyond.

At this point Duncan and Ben headed back to the bottom of the new pitch to collect more rope. As we arrived Anthony and Frank could be heard above. Ben and Duncan headed out as Anthony and Frank continued exploration. Ben and Duncan finally reached the surface at 1.30am, a trip of 12 hours. Ben's brand new Meander oversuit was totally fucked after its first ever trip.

Frank and Anthony carried on. Frank put some bolts in the next pitch. Anthony descended 12m to a ledge that the water bounces off. A deviation off what proved to be a temporary natural failed to save him from a thorough drenching on the rest of the descent. This, plus a likely rub point, prevented him from going all the way to the bottom. It is about as far again from the ledge, and it appears that the stream flows off into a rift again at the bottom. There is a parallel route that might provide a dry descent. After that we buggered off out, emerging at 5.30am.