40 - Eishöhle, Mission Impossible

Fri 02 Aug 2002

Rigged in. Ol had foolishly removed traverse line at top of "Good Afternoon Mr Phelps" (to stop it getting trapped in the ice). So had to use 5 ice-screw placements to regain the top. Then rigged next climb & pitches down to duck to find the pool very wet again. Pushed sacks through & continued to pendule. Used old rope to get across but put new rope on it as it had been across shaft all year. Then up ramps as far as bottom of "for down". Time to go home in order to get down hill for more gear. Useful start.

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    Cave 2002-01 - 234 - Artischockehöhle (2002-01) + Hauchhöhle (2001-09)
    40 - Eishöhle, Mission Impossible