40 - Loser Plateau - Surface work near portal row

Thu 01 Aug 2002

After carrying more shit up hill it was too late to do a big Eishöhle trip so we decided to check out a couple of caves we found the day before (when trying to see if there were more entrances beyond "portal row" after delivering our caving gear). There was a cave in a gully & a huge shaft, neither of which showed markings or signs of descent.

40f: Returned to big shaft (just 20m from below traverse on 163 -> 40s route) to find that the obvious rig point had a shiny stainless fixed hanger - so much for it being new! Wook dropped shaft to see what happened. Classic pitch lands on slope to snow. Down side of snow leads into passage containing ... red climbing rope, i.e. the top of Brennerbeserlschluf (40e) before the snow volcano into SVH - i.e. this shaft is 40f - Königschacht. GPSsed it.

02-W-01: Next went to look at other "new" cave (~120m away from 40f on 349°). On looking to rig short 10m pitch noticed there was a bolt - someone has been here before. At bottom of pitch narrow passage comes back parallel to upper passage to squeeze. Ol went round outside to find another entrance which comes in here. Significant draught comes out of canyon in floor, but this is blocked by boulders. Very easy dig with a crowbar to get in. GPS: UTM 33T 0411445 5281039 (WGS84). Grade 2 survey - see survey book.

Also drew survey of 40f & area plan covering both. Photoed 40f & put in tag bolt.

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