147 - ReExplore and resurvey 147

Sun 01 Aug 1999

Started by exploring whole cave, to gain understanding of its structure. Main passage is a hading rift. After entrance, main passage continues horizontally for some distance, with two (joined) pitches (reachable along loose slope from entrance - care!) in floor. These can be traversed over. Passage (now phreatic tube 1m diameter) zig zags onwards to climbs down and terminal aven (~20m). Several holes in floor at various stages. Two notable side passages: shortly after entrance, tube on right passes windows onto pitches, then heads away from rift for ~20m before becoming too tight. Mid way along main passage, vadose side passage on right leads after ~20m to mud bank blocking 80% of passage. Could be moved easily. Passage continues beyond for at least 5m, but further unknown. Returned to surface to ditch tackle, then surveyed main passage.