Sun 25 Jul 1999

Went to Black Suspender (see separate report) with Earl & Heather and bimbled on to Mohr im Hend & the Regurgitation Chamber. Water issues from a fissure S corner and from aven above, lip where water pours into chamber is about 100-120' off floor. Roof is out of sight above this. _ROOMINATION RIFTS_ (beyond REGURGITATION CHAMBER) On W side is hole in wall, very chossy, with hole on R leading into rift which splits immediately. L to be explored later. R leads to traverse. Traverse @ high level not explored. Bridging down to passage -> one way (doubling back) leads back to Regurg chamber. Other way leads to ~15m pitch down (*), stream at bottom. Straight on "not very promising", left leads to traverse, hole to ~15m pitch. It is believed that the bottom of at least the 2nd pitch of these two (or _possibly_ both) can be reached from the bottom of the pitch (*) [Julian bridged down - difficult climb up] To be looked at and surveyed later