Thu 23 Jul 1992
Julian Shilton

Went to fetch my gear back from Puffball for the great Eishohle extravaganza. As me Aggy Clive leave top camp Andy shouts "You could get the rope from Shell if you want to fetch it." Bugger that thinks I. As I wander I dither etc, and when I reach Puffball decide OK. I ought to then. Go back to Top Camp, get carbide etc., go back. "It's somewhere at the base of Shell" says Andy. Back to cave, get changed, down I go. Hum ti tum rift bashing god its boring bottom of Shell - No rope. Go to top of BFI - still no rope. I can't get back up the 8ft climb unaided so can't go any further. "Oh bugger" says I "I won't be able to take 2 full tacklebags of rope out of that bastard rift. Shucks!" Out I troll. God Puffball is boring fifth time around. Mind you, my Macsuit is still in one piece tee-hee-hee

PS I tried to help derig honest

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