Puffball - Aqueous

Tue 14 Jul 1992
Julian Shilton

Didn't get underground until 22.15 (beat that Matt). Resurveyed entrance then went into cave proper and surveyed from ladder to just before 1st rope pitch. Met 6 people who were all coming out. Got yummy illuminated compasses to do rift section. God, so nice. Other set too shit ! A clino that sticks 90% of the time, a compass with no line on it - Accurate survey city ! Now to survey properly. You have a rift that's narrow at the bottom and wide at the top. Very wide in places. Positively capacious in fact. Ol: "I want to survey along the roof if I can". Point is that Julian is very crap at wide traverses. Ol: "It's easy that bit. You just put one foot on that blank wall there and stretch across to that massive foothold only 6ft away. It's huge. It's at least an inch across". Julian S: "No". Finish surveying 04.30, Bored now. Go down to see what Brute Force does. Get to top. Lift up drill battery and massively lose interest. Olly tries his footjammer out up Shell Pitch. It failed. Get out 7.15. It was raining. Again. Solidly. Heavily. Aqueously. Pissed down. Pissed Off. Very Pissed Off. So we pissed off and woke up top camp. Then we pissed off to BA and sat in the potato hut.

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PS. What do you call 2 ageing Austrians who are walking across the crapper in the pissing rain and mist at 8 am carrying umbrellas ?
We didn't know either, but if you can think of something tell us, 'cos when it happened we were far too knackered to think of it.

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