90/13 aka 183

Tue 14 Jul 1992
Matt Keeling

Didn't get underground until 4 ! God we were crap. Entrance is a 'tight' (well, for Julian at any rate) squeeze past a boulder and into a hands & knees crawl for about 10 ft. Following the fault line, sliding over loose boulders, after ~30 ft we reached the first pitch, around 10 mins, and while I faffed on the rebelay, Julian got the first bolt of the next pitch in, but for some (still) unknown reason, the cone was knocked too far into the spit, splitting it. The next bolt was also a no-hoper. Next we kicked 12 ton of shit down the pitch. The rope led down about 2m - almost a free climb - across a ledge littered with boulders and then to the floor of a rock covered chamber with a little waterfall, (which probably looks fairly impressive in the wet). A small slot under one wall led to the third pitch - still to have a rebelay placed. The way on at the bottom of this is a small hole leading into largish rift.

I'm crap and can't remember the names - but we do have some (honist) - so Olly can't get his warped imagination out of here.

To be filled in later.

Cave - Moose Trap
1st pitch - Rocky
2nd pitch - Bullwinkle
3rd pitch - Cliopatra's

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