Tue 14 Jul 1992
Mike Richardson

After two years wondering about whether it went, we returned to the boulder choke at the end of Gnome Passage off Dreamtime. In the interim it had collapsed a bit so we had a quick look and decided that being Austria and not (say) Mendips, it was (a) too much like hard work and (b) too dangerous. However, on the way in, we had noticed that the rift in the middle of the passage at the start of Dreamtime was now accessible, a load of crap having disappeared. Rigged a rope from a very large boulder and a thread and descended below a large piece of hanging death. Established that this is not part of Bullshit Alley, but goes back under the rift sort of towards Alternative Shopper (but as far as anyone can remember, nothing breaks into Alt. Shopper). Needs to be explored 'cos we buggered off out. This bit is called "Deep Sleep" (ask Tina).

PS: Rerigged entrance pitch properly but pitch 2 is a big improvement.

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