Puffball -retrieve glasses

Fri 10 Jul 1992
Olly Betts

I decided that far too much ill-informed bullshit was flying regarding the Puffball "Rolling Stone", so went prospecting with Glen and Julian S via PB to retrieve my glasses and some gear. Decided a quick look at the boulder was in order, so I donned my oversuit over my shorts & T-shirt and with Julian's helmet (he has a laser) I descended and inspected the boulder and the rift for a while. Gingerly kicking the two rocks produced no movement, and after a little more contemplation I decided I was willing to go and retrieve the drill if this would be useful. I carefully left and found a pair of caving gloves I had dropped down the side of the snow plug last year ! Then we went prospecting, refound 90/14 (=184) and Glen fell down thru' a snow plug and dislocated his shoulder.

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    Puffball -retrieve glasses