Sun 20 Aug 1989
John Cordingley

[participants guessed.]

Kessel. The first sump (52m long) was passed to a small rift. Phil dekitted and followed the rift to sump 2, the passage would be desperate with diving gear. A new 4mm braid line disappeared into sump 2, obviously someone has been active recently. We searched for a bypass to the dry passage but none found. Later John C found a possible bypass (*). We were asked to "star" in a film on the area being made for German T.V. - we may be unable to find a diveable sump but its certainly a laugh diving in Austria.

* JNC found a window on left leading to pot down to -10m and a continuing bedding. Line ends at -10m.

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Logbook trips on this date:
    diving - Goldloch (Resurgence next to Hallstattersee/Kessel)
    161 - 20/8-21/8 RH push via Flapjack pitches
    Animal's bit
    161 - Team Camping 20-21st Wook's bit