diving - Goldloch (Resurgence next to Hallstattersee/Kessel)

Sun 20 Aug 1989
Andy Goddard

[names not given, guessing at John and Andy.]

Open for 6 months due to road widening. Karl Gaisberger said it hadn't been dived. G.Zauner (boss of diving school in Hallstatt) also thought this _BUT it has_. Dived under loose rock to -6m. Lens shaped passage, clean-washed & not that big drops slowly round corners to -10m. Shaft drops down to -24m where white line carried on .... Returned because tables written on photo-copier paper had disintegrated below 24m ! Mike T

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    diving - Goldloch (Resurgence next to Hallstattersee/Kessel)
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