Altausseer See again.

Sat 19 Aug 1989
Andy Goddard

John C, Hubert + Wolfgang dived again to -36m depth in the rain. JNC went in first and failed to find body again. Did find the boot again however - complete with foot and a sock. Marked position with lead block and line. Continued search for body without success but did find the resurgence at last. it consists of hundreds of tiny blowholes at -36m over a 30m square area of the lake bed. Many of these were blowing up sand like minivolcanoes, which continually rolled back in :- [sketch]

- a strange landscape to cross ! Wolfgang + Hubert dived next - again failed to locate body but it must have been near the lead block - so they will search again when vis. is better. Mike T, Andy + Phil completed the search underwater beneath the Steinwand at -35m without finding any enterable cave. So - there is a lot of water resurging in the lake bed at around -36m depth - but no enterable cave. The body is apparently that of an adult male who was drowned in 1955. His brother still lives in Altaussee. Then we had some more beer ! The most appropriate name for this spring would seem to be "Steinwandquelle". It is almost certainly this spring which accounts for the holes in the ice seen in winter, according to Karl Gaisberger.

"RANCID DEAD PERSON SPRING" WOULD BE A BETTER NAME ! (This comment from Aston "virgins enlightened" Diving Svces.)

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