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Mon 12 Aug 1985
Tina White

Left the car park at 9.45

Met some Germans on our way up, who offered us a tourist trip down Schwarzmooskogel ice cave. Probably worth doing next year - you need crampons.

Dumped some gear at the top and went prospecting. Found 153 (dug out some loose boulders in the corner and went through for a look round), then went off to look at Tina's promising area. Found 154 instead. There's a biggish chamber just inside, with daylight entering in two or three places. First way in was climbing down the rift below the survey mark, and I (accidentally) found a different way out. Next we found 155 - a huge snow plug. You can go through a slit in the rock on the RHS, or down the snow plug and across the ice, which slopes down in one corner, possibly down a pitch. The other slot probably drops into the same chamber. This cave may not go, but we couldn't tell without a line. In fact, all three caves need a line to go further.

We then started surveying back, 155 -> 154 no problem, but we'd lost 153. We set out surveying to it anyway, but after about 4 legs realised we were going in the opposite direction. Eventually reached 153, continued on towards the nipple. Made a permanent mark (TC, on slab in gulley) and headed for home because it was getting late. Reached 144 as daylight was starting to go, packed up all the tackle left for us, by which time it was pretty dark, then set off. In 5-10 minutes it was completely dark, so the journey down was slow, accompanied by much swearing (1¼ hours to the traverse) at which point team Dachstein met us (Stef, Mike, Mark). Thank you. Sadly, they'd forgotten to cook our dinner.

[ The rest of the log book is taken up with transcribed survey notes ]

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