152 tackle

Mon 12 Aug 1985
Mark Roddick

[ expoers originally listed as 'Team Animal, Stefan, Mark' ]

Walked up with team "Survey"/"Prospect" who would bring back 152 tackle.

Went swiftly down to bottom and collected a BIG ! bag of tackle and started out.

Stef's light failed and had to go out from big pitch on a dying backup.

I dropped a pulley and crab down one pitch, ab back down, wander, wander, found them and back up. Mike for his part left the pulley on ledge of big pitch, so that gave him a chance of extra prussikking.

That fucking cave is always the wrong temp ! When I survey & am inactive the bastard blows out, a sweating hot detackling trip, it blows hot air in from the bunde.

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    152 tackle
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