Sunday evening 142 - Survey large chamber and play with magnesium ribbon trip.

Sun 11 Aug 1985

Down during the early evening after a good deal of jacking possibility but soon the sunshine was exchanged for the colder delights of 142. It did not take long to reach the pitches and after some belaying practice we were soon down and playing with magnesium ribbon procured from the previous trip to Eishöhle. The main chamber is extremely impressive. A full survey of the chamber was subsequently carried out with a sighting of a bat by Tina and a small amount of exploration in a possible phreatic lead from the chamber which unfortunately blocked. The return to the surface was eventful in that, although Tina and Chris left the others derigging the pitches, they did not reach the surface until ½ hour later ! Time Underground 8 hours Animal + Gavin 8½ hours Chris + Tina [ another line vapourised ] Previous trip / Next trip not for 11 years !