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Sat 10 Aug 1985
Mike Richardson

[ expoers originally listed as 'Chris?, MikeTA' ]

This will be written up when Chris has finally got Wild Bill Huckup to fuck his horse !

Well, here we are 24 hours later and this is Mike writing it up - Chris is still trying to make ends meet. So we set off to push onwards. Got in efficiently, and zapped down to the bottom of the big pitch.

Picked up f*****g big tackle bag and manoeuvered it to the end of the rift by dint of muscle power and cursing. Were duly horrified by the bolts at the head of Suicide pot. Went down anyway and - What did Chris find ? - an anchor !

Someone has been here before ! So we dragged the bag back up the pitch (it got stuck) and decided to survey back - only I kicked the tape down a hole.

Replanned - we'd take the tackle back. Unfortunately, in a fit of enthusiasm and luck the tape was recovered, so we surveyed it as well. Just like Yorkshire - tight.

Then we went out. Underground 8¼ hours.

Mike the Animal. The following word is included in the journal for completeness : "AARDVARK"

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