Wednesday - pissed down again.

Wed 07 Aug 1985
Chris Sharman

Team Super-Hero - Go for it (Mike M., Mark, Chris)

We decided to go for the connection 144 - Stellerweg, and survey it (despite the rain, sleet, snow). Got under ~ 2.00 pm cold and wet - it was sleeting/snowing quite hard on top. Reached Yellow Brick Road, had a cup of tea + photo session, shifted the food dump through the Dive to the bottom of the ramp. Decided the best route was the traverse over the pit then looked at the pitch where we stopped before. We were just bolting it when Mike found the bypass, and the next pitch. We decided to go and celebrate this with some soup, then we came back to bolt while Mike explored some ramps. I (wearing waterproofs) explored the tube that the stream went down and found a fine wet bypass (probably dry normally - the whole cave was awash today with streams never seen before - it was also bloody cold - Mike wore his Damart undies, I wore waterproofs and Mark wrapped a space blanket around himself and we were still BLOODY FREEZING). We found a streamway - I went downstream, Mark went upstream. Mark found a dropped date wrapper, and we knew we had a connection. It wasn't where we expected, however, and Mike didn't recognise it. However, we are into Stellerweg (we surveyed out) giving total -972m.

Time down 18 hours.

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    Wednesday - pissed down again.