144 - Food Dump & push for 41 connection.

Mon 05 Aug 1985
Stefan Kukula

Up early (despite night with Austrian Cavers), but others coming back etc. meant that we didn't reach car park until 12.00 - down at bottom of big pitch ~ 2.00 - dumped food, quick brew of tea. Chris had forgotten furry suit, so did in my overtrousers + sweater.

Down Roddick's Dive (ugh - mud squeeze - bastard coming out) & route followed earlier. Then down ramp lined but not necessary. Tape taken, & compass - approximate metres clocked off. Through large rift - under boulders (Chris did traverse over on way back) - past pitch (Chris descended but draught none - explore only if other route closes) - way on leads to hairy cross over large drop, then on past mud/soil slopes and sharp rock to tall chamber & ~20m pitch - IS THIS 41 ? Only time will tell. Not having time, we came back - further push scheduled for tomorrow.

(On the way back it rained.)

Underground 6½ hours.

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    144 - Food Dump & push for 41 connection.