144 [a title line missing ]

Fri 02 Aug 1985
Tina White

[anon entry and no people named - guessing at Mike & Tina by elimination - ed.]

Followed the phreatic team - got underground at 12.40. Caught the others in 3 hours, followed them down to the "Yellow Brick Road" (path across chamber above Mud Wall pitch). We had a look in a few of the tubes leading up, but nothing went. Then Mark Roddick spotted a draughting hole in the floor (unpleasantly tight, a bit NE of the hole leading to the Mud Wall pitch). Mark managed to fall down it, and by sheer luck hit the floor (and bounced) after only ten feet.

This proved to be a bypass to the Mud Wall traverse. We then carried on SW, through boulder-strewn chambers, to a chamber which had a ramp going down SE at 45°, and a climb up continuing SW.

Mike went 20m down the ramp, I worked on the climb. After we'd put in two bolts, ripped off a natural belay, and fallen twice, we got up, and about 10m on and 6m up we came to an aven with an exposed free climb up, and a hole in the floor leading to a pitch 1m in diameter, at the bottom of which a stream could be heard. Since we'd run out of energy and tackle, we

[ photocopy runs out before the write up did ]

Time down 11 hours.

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