Mon 29 Jul 1985

BUNDE BASHING BOYS Brian, Stef, Mark went off to carry on "pushing" 150. Stef got bored waiting while Brian was digging and wandered off - he found a hole but after coming back most pleased he couldn't find it but found a draughting hole, (151 ?) and another. 151 (with a light) was a chamber (30 ft high, 10 ft square) with a draughting tight rift going out. Definitely worth a squeeze in kit. Mark's bored wandering found a couple of holes that proved choked, a big 50 ft pitch with snow at the bottom (probably choked) and a 30 ft shaft that I swore draughted up - worth another trip. The area (above the 150 marker, about the same distance beyond '88' as Windloch to '88' along Stogerweg) is well covered with many ravines/rifts about 100m up from path (distance along ground). Very promising, dozens of holes, some MUST go. 150 was cleared by Brian after 1½ hrs digging. The rift beyond was too small to follow. F--K.