down 144

Mon 29 Jul 1985
Chris Sharman

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Brian, Mike R, Chris down 144

Arrived in the car park about midday. Took a leisurely (!) two hours to the vicinity of the cave. Another 1½ hours Bunde-bashing to find the bloody thing. Despite being pretty pissed off by this stage, we decided it was the hole and set off down (about 4.30). Brian went first to rig the first pitch, and do some gardening. I sat at the top of the entrance, and did some more gardening (Oops, sorry Brian). Got down first pitch, decided it wanted a ladder. Rigged and gardened second pitch. Decided it wanted more gardening when Brian nearly took half the pitch-head down with him. Hauled up the ropes and exitted. Looked a bit overcast, so we hurried back - finished the walk at a dead run. Time down 90 mins - total depth 15m !

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