Surface Prospecting

Sun 28 Jul 1985
Brian Derby

Weather calm, wind speed force 0.1, 13° 48' W, 47° 30' N

Mike M, Mark, Stefan, Chris, Gavin + Brian

Got away about midday after a long morning recovering from the all-night drives.

Toll road guy is the same as last year and we are getting some discount to be negotiated from "Die Boss". It'll be free cars and the children's rate for the rest of us. Got to the top to the surprise of the car owners, such little farts in their thrusting pistons. PS. The banana ejaculated all over the car park.

Walked along Stogerweg to beyond 115 and 113 and prospected up and down. Cairn marks climb up to draughting hole which is being dug out, 150 - Bananahöhle if it gets to 150m. So far dug in about 10 feet and it draughts a gale. Further along prospected above existing cairn to a couple of non-draughting holes. Both are at base of 30 ft cliff, one goes up about 6m, no draught, second is tight entrance to undescended pitch (15-20 ft ?). Probably not worth pushing.

Lots less water in streams on way to plateau - hooray.

Phew, what a scorcher.


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