Wolfhöhle - Heroic Derigging Trip

Mon 06 Aug 1984
Mike Richardson

Underground 4pm and whizzed down to Beezley Street in just 1¼ hour. Dragged the 200m Edelrid up to the camp and stuffed it (just) into a tackle bag. Backed John and Bill's "full" two bags into one. Were disconcerted by sudden watery noises and anticipated getting stuck, but fortunately it didn't come to anything. Decided that we might as well detackle the whole cave by hauling the bags up the pitches. Fun on the big pitch, being unable to throw a rope back down, and a bag falling off a rope. Collected the Wolf and exitted with four bags of rope, one bag of wolf and enough rope for 1½ bags more. Mike has to rerig the last pitch 'cos he dropped a piddling little bit of rope back down it. Knackered.

underground 4.30pm Mon
out 8.30am Tue
16 hours

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