Sun 05 Aug 1984
Bill Hawkswell

Andy came with us to the entrance in thick fog then found he'd left his ascenders behind by accident !! Well, I believed him, but thousands wouldn't. Zoomed down with a couple of route finding problems & some 150T's [?] on our backs. We thought we'd got to the last survey station about 3 pitches too early, but soon discovered our mistake. However, in the general pissed-offness we forgot to take the bolting spanner with us so John had to prussik back to retrieve it after we'd done the survey. Derigged to the bottom of the Edelrid & had some trough at the food dump.

Prussiked out well-knackered at some ungodly hour.

Time in 2.00 pm Sunday
Time out 10.30 am xSatx MON <- Pratts !!
20frac12; hours

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