Wolfhöhle 145

Mon 01 Aug 1983
Julian Griffiths

While Muddy Boy fought off nasty gastric microbes and Ben festered, Julian and Naomi returned to 'Wolf Cave' to survey as much as possible. The cave was surveyed to the climb out of the wolf skeleton chamber, all the side passages being measured and investigated. Just inside the 2nd entrance a small passage was found to draught strongly inwards - this passage breaking out into a small rift leading to a pitch down, estimated to be about 6m. Several photographs were taken of the 'Wolf' skeleton as well as one of the main phreatic passage and the 1st pitch.

As carbide, water etc. were running low, an exit was made from the cave. On gaining the surface a survey was made from the entrance of 'Wolf' cave past the 2nd entrance and down to CUCC 82. Wolf cave is 29.5m above 82.


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