Phil's 29th birthday trip down 132 142

Mon 01 Aug 1983
Philip Sargent

Wiggy failed to find the way to the big pitch... We _were_ going to rig the hole that Mike was keen on at the NE end of the big chamber ... but we couldn't find it. ANYWAY we throttled around a _lot_ at the level of the entrance series of 45° interconnected rift and found a 4m x 12m chamber, approx 65m high with a pitch take off 15m down from the roof and v big jammed boulders 15m down from that. Surveyed from there back to near the entrance.

Hacked a _lot_ of bunde with a bush knife / bunde-basher / machete, path to 132 now almost reasonable.

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    Phil's 29th birthday trip down 132 142
    Hole no. (4) Steinschlagschacht 136
    Wolfhöhle 145