Things That Need To Be Done

Note: Names shown without question marks have either agreed to do this job, or have no choice as nobody else can possibly do it. Names with question marks are beeing asked to do the jobs, and may freely refuse to do them.
For the purposes of this document, I shall consider the committee to consist of myself, Mark and Martin.

Do a census of hangers, slings, maillons etc.DaveAprilDone
Coordinate gear orders:
   BerniesMarkJuneMostly sent
   Field+TrekDaveJuneCollecting orders
   Dragon?JuneUnder discussion
Buy more Hiltis (?)DaveJuneUnder discussion
Assemble hangers and maillons in strings of tenDaveJune/July-
Prepare laminated A4 size surveys?MartinJune/July?
Sort out mobile phones?June/July-
Make up gear signout bookDaveJuly-
Locate and check surveying gear (Wook may have it?)?June/July-
Check drills - battery??June/July-
Cave tags??June/July-
Decide policyCommitteeJuneDone
Make flapjackEarlJuneDone
Make top camp mealsDourJuly-
Prepare bier book?MartinJune/July-
General admin
Write to potential sponsorsJuliaJanuary-JuneDone
Send off insurance formsMartinJuneIn progress
Contact VfHO (c/o Robert TWC), for several reasons:
  • They haven't replied to my previous letter
  • Nor has Herr Dr. Forster, who needs to be chased up
  • Find out current emergency contact numbers
Mark (as designated VfHO contact person)June-