plateau - Prospecting and refind of 1623/110

Thu 20 Jul 2017

No GPS so we were relying on phones for location. We headed off beyond the cross country ski-pole line after refinding 2010-07 and 2010-01. Right next to 2010-01 is a drafting shaft blocked by very loose boulders which could perhaps be dug out in a couple of hours.

Found an open 10m+ shaft, ~3x2m opening. 33W 550789E 7885325N, 524067Y 3117175X according to Martin’s phone - may not be correct!

Second open shaft, ~20m deep, 2x0.7m opening, tagged CUCC-2017-03, same location as above 10m+ shaft.

Only find definitely worth returning to was a refind of 1623/110, had very faded red paint and fitted the description (I crawled in quite a way in a T-shirt, painful and low but an excellent draft). Tagged CUCC-2017-04 but no bolt for tag so just got balanced. On my phone’s GPS cords were 47.693408, 13.812227 or 47°41’36.3”N, 13°48’44.0”E. The cave is on the Top Camp side of the ski pole line by 100 - 150m, maybe 1.1km from Top Camp.. Sketch