76 Derig

Tue 19 Jul 2016

Decided to derig 76 whilst it wasn't raining, and to free up rope for 16-JB-01. Last year I masterminded a very efficient derig of 107 with 3 people and 6 bags of gear. This year we had 2 people for 76, 4 bags, and 6 bags worth of gear. I went down to Keg series to derig that. I met Olly at the Tap Room, from there I shuttled bags out the cave while Olly derigged.

5 hours after entering the cave, after much miscommunication, shouting and inefficiency, we had 3 and a half bags out and everything derigged to the Ledge Below the Ledge.

Went back in for another 2 hours of derigging (Olly) and bag shuttling (me). Now we never need return!